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The Therapy Room offers a variety of Complementary Therapies, Natural Healthcare & Skincare, aiming to support your bodies natural healing, provide relief from symptoms & increase your general sense of wellbeing, along with guidance & support to make healthy positive adjustments to your lifestyle, empowering you to take control of your health.

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Complementary Therapy & Natural Healthcare

People choose Complementary Therapy & Natural Healthcare to address an array of physical & mental health concerns. The Therapy Room offers Reflexology, Reiki, sports massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage & Aromatherapy to deal directly with these issue's; easing symptoms, supporting your body to heal & stay balanced, boosting the immune system & aiming to prevent problems reoccurring. Using a holistic approach, we aim to treat the cause not just the symptom's and so through taking a thorough consultation we can have a look together at your lifestyle & diet & supplements, & support you in making positive, healthy adjustments to benefit your health long term.

The Therapy Room recommends & offers help & advice with the following Natural Healthcare brands, and is able to give ongoing exclusive discounts to it's clients & pass on further supplier discounts & promotions. Please contact me for more details. Ask me here

Biocare - UK vitamins & supplements. "Our extensive range of supplements includes vitamins, minerals, live bacteria, fatty acids and specialist combinations. Our Supplements are formulated to the highest standards of purity, with strong emphasis placed on nutrients being presented in their most bio-available form."

Better You - Essential magnesium oil sprays for repairing, strengthening & relaxing muscles. Eases tension, cramping & aids sleep. Vitamin & CBD sprays are also available from Better You.

Schuesslers Tissue Salts -
Schuesslers theory: The human body contains twelve vital mineral (tissue) salts, a proper balance of which is necessary for normal cell function and to maintain good health. When cellular balance is disturbed an abnormal condition leading to various ailments follows. According to Dr Schuessler, a normal balance of these vital salts can be re-established by administering the deficient mineral salts in a readily assimilated form. These are now known as Schuessler Tissue Salts. Schuessler found that the most effective way to assimilate these salts was through a homeopathically prepared micro dose, which passes rapidly into the bloodstream and therefore into our cells.

Evolve Beauty Skincare -
Highly effective, award winning, organic and natural sensorial products deliver exceptional results without synthetics.
Advanced bespoke protocols deliver total body and mind transformation at a deep holistic level.

"Reflexology, Sports Massage, Reiki, Massage, Acu-Sound Therapy & Natural Healthcare can help with many heath concerns ...

Reducing Anxiety | Stress | Relaxation | Aches and Pains | Sleep | Hormonal Imbalances | Menopausal Symptoms | Conception | Pregnancy Symptoms | Common Baby Symptoms | Digestive Health | Sciatica | Muscular Pain | Urinary Health | and more ....

Please get in touch to find out if I can help you " Ask me here

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Through conception, bump & beyond.

Maternity Reflexology is used to help with conception, sometimes along with lifestyle & dietary changes & or supplements, during pregnancy to help support & to ease common pregnancy symptoms, to prepare for birth & for postnatal support.

Baby & Toddler Reflex teaches parents valuable tools to help ease common baby symptoms such as sleeping, teething, colic & to further strengthen bonding. You can currently book a 1-1 class or book with a friend and both recieve a 10% discount. Workshops will begin locally now next spring in Sudbury, Long Melford, Lavenham & larger close by towns of Bury St Edmunds & Colchester.

Massage is wonderfully relaxing treatment to have during pregnancy during the 2nd & 3rd trimester's, helping to smooth out tight achy muscles & help reduce swelling.

Gift vouchers are available for all Mum & Baby services & make lovely gifts for new parents.

" Additionally I run a mobile service to Sudbury & surrounding villages & as far as Colchester and Bury St Edmunds offering Reflexology, Massage, Sports massage & facials for those unable to travel, for whatever reason. Please contact me if this is something that you're interested in.

*Please note, there may be a small additional cost for travel depending on where you are.

The Therapy Room is Located at "Upstairs at Suave", 1A Gaol Lane in Sudbury, Suffolk.
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