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My name is Lizzy, I am a fully qualified Reflexologist, Baby & Toddler Reflex instructor (member of the association of reflexologists), Reiki Therapist, Masseuse & Weleda Healthcare and skincare advisor.

I run my practice from The Beauty Cave in Long Melford, near Sudbury, in suffolk, and attend events in and around near by larger towns, including Colchester, Bury St Edmunds, Stowmarket, and surrounding villages, where I offer taster treatments, weleda produts and promote my complementary therapy practice. I offer a mobile complementary therapy service to those who have difficulty travelling or have mobility issues, so do get in touch if this is preventing you from accessing any of the therapy's that I offer. I also travel to surrounding areas to run baby Reflex workshops. I will keep the website updated with events that I run or attend, in and around Sudbury, Colchester, Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket.

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My interest in Reflexology was sparked 20 years ago when I enjoyed my first ever treatment whilst pregnant with my daughter. I was fascinated with the theory behind it and it amazed me how much the therapist could learn about my well-being just from touching my feet. Some years later I decided to learn to be a reflexologist myself, to help others in the same way I'd been helped.

Reiki, as it so often does, found me at a time I needed it. 14 years ago I experienced a taster treatment and was told I needed to become more grounded. At the time I was a little unsure of the significance of her words, although I thought about the treatment often. Roll on another 8 years and again, Reiki found me. Through unrelated circumstances I met my Reiki teacher at a time when I was ready to learn, and here I am. Both disciplines have changed my life for which I am very grateful, and take great pleasure in helping to make positive adjustments in the well-being of my clients.

Both Reflexology & Reiki are holistic healing techniques which means that the individual's mind, body & spirit are taken in to account when giving a treatment, which is why it's important that a thorough consultation is given. As a holistic therapist I treat the whole body and don't generally work on just one specific organ or system. I will treat symptoms but also aim to treat the cause, and aim to restore balance and harmony to whole body. Holistic therapies such as Reflexology & Reiki are becoming increasingly popular as they encourage & stimulate our body's own natural healing abilities.

I went on to learn Baby & Toddler reflex so that I could pass this invaluble tool on to parents and carers, empowering them to help ease and relieve many normal baby discomforts in their own children. I have been lucky enough to be able to use Baby Reflex with my grandson, and daughter, and so can personally highly recommend it. I feel very blessed to have such an incredible bond my grandson, and Baby Reflex has played a part in this. When he is feeling a bit tired or teething, grumpy or off colour, we snuggle up together and he will grab my hand and his feet and push them together, with a cheeky grin, which melts my heart. It's lovely to see such a calming positive response, and a super relaxed and happy baby boy, and to have been able to help him to feel better. Baby Reflex is a really special tool for parents, guardians and grandparents to learn, and can be continued as your child gets older, and passed on to further children and their children.

Baby Reflex can be taught 1-1 or in small groups, over 3 weekly workshops. I am looking to organise workshops here in Long Melford, and in and around Sudbury, Colchester, Bury St Edmunds, and Surrounding Villages.

Swedish Massage therapy and Indian Head Massage, were both treatments that I was also keen to learn because of their effective theraputic effects , and which fitted well with what I was already practicing. Again, both massage therapy and indan head massage are highly beneficial, relaxing the whole body, increasing oxygen levels in the blood, improving circulation easing tension and rebalancing the bodies energies. Both of these treatments may help with migrane's, tension and depression, to name just a few.

Massage therapy is a popular go to for stress and tension and I am planning to train in other forms of massage therapy over the coming months, to include warm bamboo massage, Thai herbal compress massage and manual lymphatic drainage massage, so please keep an eye out for updates on my website, social media and in Salon.

If you are experiencing conditions such as *stress *tension *hormonal imbalances *sleep disorders *digestive health problems *siatica *back pain *circulatory problems *anxiety and depression, or want to ask if I can help with something else, then please feel free to contact me, as I may very well be able to help. Treatments can be tailored to your needs, and combination of treatments can also be used if required.

At the begining of the year I trained in Spray Tanning, and chose to use VitaLiberata because their solution does not contain any harmful chemicals, is cruelty free, organic and vegan. This is a really lovely feel-good treatment, and is odourless, quick drying, flawless cover aswell as, of course being a safe alternative to the sun and sun beds.

I am based at The Beauty Cave in Long Melford and also offer a mobile service for people who are unable to travel for whatever reason, and can travel to surrounding areas and as far as Colchester and Bury St Edmunds.

If you are looking for a therapist and aren't sure if I cover your area, please don't hesitate to contact me, either by phone or e-mail.

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July 2019 Special Offer's

🌼 July special offer 🌸

Indulge in a 30 min fragrant Weleda skinfood signature footspa treatment.
Includes foot soak, exfoliation and massage, followed by a 1 hour reflexology treatment.
1.5 hrs - £40.

🌺 Feel blissfully relaxed and rebalanced 🌺

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New treatment available with me at The Beauty Cave, from 1st September ~ Thai Herbal Compress Massage


Introductory offer for first 6 to pre~book - Just £28
Thai Herbal compress (also known as Luk Pra Ko - translated as herbal pressing sphere) has been used for hundreds of years in Thailand as a remedy for sore aching muscles, stress relief, exhaustion and other ailments. This is truly a wonderful treatment that is still little know in Europe. Herbs are wrapped in balls of cotton muslin, steams to release essentials oils and aromas, and the applied along the sen sib or energy lines of the body.

Compress Massage aims to loosen blockages and restore the body’s natural equilibrium and balance. It also relaxes the muscles and stimulates the flow of both blood and lymph. Compresses are excellent for stiff, sore or pulled muscles and ligaments; back pain; arthritis; chronic pain or injury; disorders of the internal organs; skin diseases, migraines, and chronic stress or anxiety. A Hot Herbal Compress adds to these benefits the healing effects of therapeutic herbs in patting, pounding and kneading actions. This traditional treatment has been practised to soothe muscle tension and stiffness in key areas. The combination of heat and medicinal herbs, is absorbed by the body to help reduce aches.

The ingredients, organic herbs which include ginger root, turmeric, camphor, lime flowers, borneol, citrus hystrix (also known as kaffir lime) and cinnamon, along with the main ingredient of lemon grass, are antioxidants, natural skin softeners, hydrants and refiners.


☆ Kick starts the elimination of the lymphatic system

☆ Helps the balance of the elements within the body

☆ Inhalation of the Thai herbs ease respiration

☆ Diuretic properties

☆ Increased circulation to all of the tissues assisting nourishment and waste removal

☆ Calms the digestive system

☆ Relives aches and pains in the muscular system

☆ Stimulates the skin by nourishing & improving waste removal

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New treatment available at The Beauty Cave from 11th September ~ Hot Rock, Salt Mineral Stone & Crystal Gem Stone Massage Therapy

New Treatment available at the Beauty Cave from 11th September ~ Hot Rock, Salt Mineral Stone & Crystal Gem Massage.

Special offer for first 6 bookings ~ Just £28

Hot Rock, Salt Mineral Stone & Crystal Gem Massage Therapy is a holistic treatment whereby the use of treated volcanic rocks such as “Basalt” are believed to promote relaxation as well as eliminating negative energy with the client’s body, mind and soul. During the treatment, the stones combined with healing crystals are put on the chakra points of the body which helps to vitalise the physical body and balances the energy flow.


·         Promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation

·         Heat from the stones allows manipulation of a greater intensity than with basic massage  

·         Improved circulation as muscles have an increased blood supply

·         Lymphatic function increases due to general increase in circulation

·         Releases toxins

·         Alleviates stress

·         Calms the psyche

·         Heat relieves pain in muscles and joints

·         Tension in connective tissue is decreased

·         One stroke with a stone is equal to ten normal massage strokes.

·         The treatment is said to be ten times deeper and the results are said to last ten times longer  than traditional techniques

·         There is a deep comfort in receiving warmth on the body.

·         Relaxes the mind and helps insomnia

·         Deep relaxation - the warmth relaxes both physically and mentally

Benefits of Salt Mineral Stones 

Himalayan Salt Mineral Stone Massage is an innovative healing technique using warm salt crystal stones to ground and balance the body's electromagnetic field, central nervous system and meridians.  Salt crystals from an ancient primal sea beneath the Himalayan Mountains are hand-carved into massage stones that gently soothe away an accumulation of stress, tension and pollutants.

Benefits - Very Deep Relaxation, Reduced inflammation, improved sleep, improved nervous disorders
Benefits of Crystal Gem Stones
Crystal Massage - massaging with crystals - combines the relaxing benefits of massage with the healing vibrations of crystals that relax and balance the whole body.   Different crystals have varying healing qualities and are used accordingly. Not only does the physical body enjoy total relaxation, but all the inner emotional stresses are brought to the surface of the mind and dissipated.

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