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Maternity Reflexology

Specialised Reflexology to help with pregnancy symptoms. Also used after miscarriage, to help with conception, inducing labour, during labour & postnatal.

Reflexology stimulates reflex points which are mapped out on the feet and correspond to different organs & systems of the body. The treatment is highly relaxing & up-lifting as well as offering many health benefits.

Pregnancy Massage

Massage therapy during pregnancy can often help relieve many of its common side effects, which include ...

•Muscular tension, stiffness & cramping
• Symptoms of stress & fatigue
•Encourages relaxation & sleep
•Boost circulation
•Helps maintain skin elasticity & prevent stretch marks
• Stabilise hormone levels

Bump, baby & beyond. Baby reflex leaflet & foot

Baby & Toddler Reflex

Baby Reflex is a series of specially adapted Reflexology Techniques origionally developed for increasing that all important bonding between parents and babies. Further development of the techniques has enabled parents to also help to ease and relieve many normal baby discomforts in their own child. Baby Reflex is based on reflexology and has been specifically designed to be an easily applied treatment for children and babies over 1 month.

For thousands of years Reflexology has been recognised as a valuble and natural complementary medical treatment. It requires no creams, lotions or oils and there is no need to undress the baby before treatment. Baby Reflex is easily learned and is effective very quickly after application. Baby Reflex works in the same way as reflexologyon adults but is specially adapted to suit the needs of babies and toddlers, according to their age and size. The calming effect of Baby Reflex is especially valuble for improving sleep sleep patterns and when travelling with your baby. Baby Reflex has proved to be very popular with both parents and young children and is safe to use with babies aged 4 weeks and onwards.

The aim of Baby Reflex is to teach parents, grandparents and guardians, through a series of 3 -4 weekly workshops for the benefit of their own babies. Workshops are themed in feeding & digestion, sleeping & digestion, sleeping, comforting & wellbeing, and a follow up & feedback session.

Baby Reflex for Toddlers is specially adapted reflexolgy which is applied to the hands and feet. This treatment over the years has helped to ease and relieve many discomforting conditions in toddlers and aid their ability to sleep. As toddlers are more difficult to keep still, Baby Reflex for Toddlers works primarily on their hands.

I can personally, highly recommend Baby Reflex having used it with my Grandson, and was thrilled to see the positive response. It amazed me how quickly after we'd started using it, how he began offering me his feet for treatments. The bonding experience has been incredible.

This course would make a fantastic gift to any new family, at a baby shower or maternity leave gift. Gift vouchers are available for courses of 3x Baby Reflex workshops.

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