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16th January

Very exciting news this week when we were able announce that The Beauty Cave will be relocating to what was 'Angela's', in Long Melford.

I'm very much looking forward to moving in to my new Therapy Room at The new Beauty Cave, almost exactly 1 year after starting here. Its an absolute pleasure working along side Naomi, and the team, I've loved every minute of it. Naomi has created a fantastic little salon which is now bursting at its seam's, and is clearly ready to expand and blossom further into this beautiful, little gem of a shop.

The Beauty Cave is a beautiful, friendly, welcoming salon, currently offering a wide range of Beauty Treatments, Massage & Complementary Therapies, Vita Liberata spray tan treatment, Body Piercing, CACI non surgical facelift, semi permanent makeup, plasma fibroblast aesthetics ... I've probably missed some off!... And, with much more to come once we're in!
We will all keep you up to date with it's progress over the following few weeks. x

Naomi Totman

Lizzy Munson

Sam Foster

Ruth Kat Carter

Kirsty Rolph

6th November 2019

A lovely review today from Sam who had an unexpected emergency first aid treatment today. I love reflexology, it really is a magical

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1st November 2019

As many of you already know, I've recently decided to change the name of my business to 'The Therapy Room'. I'm very pleased with my new logo & would love to know what you think ...

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23rd October 2019

A last Min October Special for the weekend.

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4th September 2019

Thai herbal (Luk Pra Ko) Massage Therapy

I have recently trained in Thai herbal compress massage, and am now able to offer this luxurious treatment from my Therapy Room at the Beauty Cave in Long Melford.

I have fallen in love with this treatment, and really enjoy using the large steamed cloth dumpling tools filled with many theraputic herbs, which once soaked and steamed, omit the most heavenly smells and oils that infuse with the warm massage oil that I first apply to your skin. The heat from the compresses penetrates deeply, and allows the muscles and joints of the body greater movement and flexilbility. The oils from the herbs are absorbed through the skin and used in the body to facilitate further release of energy blockages thereby improving energy imbalances with in the body.

The herbs have many medicinal properties - anti inflamitory, astringent and antibacterial to name a few. The aromatic herbs such as the camphor, lemongrass and patchouli relieve stress, congestion and invigorates.

In thai medicine the bodys vital life energy flows through sen channels. This energy stimulates the physical, mental and emotional processes of the body. When the channels flow freely then the body is functioning correctly. In chinese medicine this energy is called 'Qi' and in indian medicine it is called prana. Thai massage also works over the main sen lines up and down the body, with the heated compress as well as with the hands, helping to release blockages and stimulate stagnant areas. The specific techniques used during this treatment will also help with the lymphatic flow.

Below I have listed some of the many benefits of this treatment:

* Improves muscle injuries, imbalances and pain
* Improves blood and lymph circulation
* Improves physical and mental energy by releasing energy blockages
* Improves joint flexilbility and range of motion
* Helps boost immune system
* Lowers blood pressure
* Encourages relaxation
* Prevents and alleviates stress & anxiety
* Calms the mind, improves concentration and positive thinking
* Speeds healing
* Improves movement and function of fascia (body's connective tissue)
* Decreases cold and flu symptoms
* Eases menstrual cramps and associated pain
* May help prevent migranes and tension headaches
* Helps with insomnia and other sleep disorders

As a little added bonus, you will be given your compresses to take away with you to use in the bath for the following 3 days. They are great hung over the taps to allow the water to run through them. This will give you maximum benefit of the theraputic herbs, and a relaxing fragrant bath, along with a little parcel of chamolimile tea bags to enjoy whilst soaking, for a little added relaxation.

Price list for Thai Herbal (Luk Pra Ko) Massage therapy are as follows ...

30 min | Back, Neck & Shoulder | £28

30 min | Facial including scalp | £28

60 min | Full Body | £45

90 min | Full Body Plus Face and Scalp | £62

As an introductory offer, during September you take 20% off of this treatment.

If you have any further questions please get in touch.

Lizzy x

Blog. Thai compress

New treatment available with me at The Beauty Cave, from 1st September ~ Thai Herbal Compress


Introductory offer for first 6 to pre~book - Just £28
Thai Herbal compress (also known as Luk Pra Ko - translated as herbal pressing sphere) has been used for hundreds of years in Thailand as a remedy for sore aching muscles, stress relief, exhaustion and other ailments. This is truly a wonderful treatment that is still little know in Europe. Herbs are wrapped in balls of cotton muslin, steams to release essentials oils and aromas, and the applied along the sen sib or energy lines of the body.

Compress Massage aims to loosen blockages and restore the body’s natural equilibrium and balance. It also relaxes the muscles and stimulates the flow of both blood and lymph. Compresses are excellent for stiff, sore or pulled muscles and ligaments; back pain; arthritis; chronic pain or injury; disorders of the internal organs; skin diseases, migraines, and chronic stress or anxiety. A Hot Herbal Compress adds to these benefits the healing effects of therapeutic herbs in patting, pounding and kneading actions. This traditional treatment has been practised to soothe muscle tension and stiffness in key areas. The combination of heat and medicinal herbs, is absorbed by the body to help reduce aches.

The ingredients, organic herbs which include ginger root, turmeric, camphor, lime flowers, borneol, citrus hystrix (also known as kaffir lime) and cinnamon, along with the main ingredient of lemon grass, are antioxidants, natural skin softeners, hydrants and refiners.


☆ Kick starts the elimination of the lymphatic system

☆ Helps the balance of the elements within the body

☆ Inhalation of the Thai herbs ease respiration

☆ Diuretic properties

☆ Increased circulation to all of the tissues assisting nourishment and waste removal

☆ Calms the digestive system

☆ Relives aches and pains in the muscular system

☆ Stimulates the skin by nourishing & improving waste removal

Blog. Hot stone

New treatment available at The Beauty Cave from 11th September ~ Hot Rock, Salt Mineral Stone & Crystal Gem Stone Massage Therapy

New Treatment available at the Beauty Cave from 11th September ~ Hot Rock, Salt Mineral Stone & Crystal Gem Massage.

Special offer for first 6 bookings ~ Just £28

Hot Rock, Salt Mineral Stone & Crystal Gem Massage Therapy is a holistic treatment whereby the use of treated volcanic rocks such as “Basalt” are believed to promote relaxation as well as eliminating negative energy with the client’s body, mind and soul. During the treatment, the stones combined with healing crystals are put on the chakra points of the body which helps to vitalise the physical body and balances the energy flow.


·         Promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation

·         Heat from the stones allows manipulation of a greater intensity than with basic massage  

·         Improved circulation as muscles have an increased blood supply

·         Lymphatic function increases due to general increase in circulation

·         Releases toxins

·         Alleviates stress

·         Calms the psyche

·         Heat relieves pain in muscles and joints

·         Tension in connective tissue is decreased

·         One stroke with a stone is equal to ten normal massage strokes.

·         The treatment is said to be ten times deeper and the results are said to last ten times longer  than traditional techniques

·         There is a deep comfort in receiving warmth on the body.

·         Relaxes the mind and helps insomnia

·         Deep relaxation - the warmth relaxes both physically and mentally

Benefits of Salt Mineral Stones 

Himalayan Salt Mineral Stone Massage is an innovative healing technique using warm salt crystal stones to ground and balance the body's electromagnetic field, central nervous system and meridians.  Salt crystals from an ancient primal sea beneath the Himalayan Mountains are hand-carved into massage stones that gently soothe away an accumulation of stress, tension and pollutants.

Benefits - Very Deep Relaxation, Reduced inflammation, improved sleep, improved nervous disorders
Benefits of Crystal Gem Stones
Crystal Massage - massaging with crystals - combines the relaxing benefits of massage with the healing vibrations of crystals that relax and balance the whole body.   Different crystals have varying healing qualities and are used accordingly. Not only does the physical body enjoy total relaxation, but all the inner emotional stresses are brought to the surface of the mind and dissipated.

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July 2019 Special Offer's

🌼 July special offer 🌸

Indulge in a 30 min fragrant Weleda skinfood signature footspa treatment.
Includes foot soak, exfoliation and massage, followed by a 1 hour reflexology treatment.
1.5 hrs - £40.

🌺 Feel blissfully relaxed and rebalanced 🌺

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